Parent Information

Primary 1,2 & 3 Booklet

Primary 4 & 5 Booklet

Primary 6 & 7 Booklet

The School Day

  • 08.40 am: School opens

  • 08.50 am: Registration

  • 09.00 am: Assembly

  • 10.20 am – 10.40am: Break Time

  • 12.15 pm – 1.00pm: Lunch Time

End of Day

Primary 1, 2
Monday – Friday 1.55pm

Primary 3-7
Monday – Friday 3.00pm

Lunch Time

The children can bring a packed lunch to school and eat it in the Dining room. They can purchase dinner tickets for a hot school dinner. The cost of the tickets is £2.60 per day and is bought on a weekly basis. Children can also go home for their lunch.


Milk is available at break time. It is ordered on a termly basis and is put on the termly account.


Should your child be unwell, please telephone school to inform us that he or she will not be in school on that particular day. After a period of absence a note must be sent to the class teacher explaining the reason for this.

Should your child need to be absent from school during term time, parents should write to Mrs Carson-McClenaghan requesting permission for this.

General Information


Click here for detailed information on the School Uniform


Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on every item of clothing as it can be upsetting when items are mislaid.

Child Protection

A Senior Teacher (Mrs L Montgomery) is the Designated Teacher with the responsibility for the referral of instances of Child Abuse. The Headmaster and the Head of the Preparatory Department Mrs Carson-McClenaghan act also as Deputy Designated Teachers for referral of such issues. All pupils, parents and govenors are made aware of the Child Protection Policy at the school and the method of referral of cases of child abuse. Mrs Carson-McClenaghan is the ‘Child Protection designated teacher’ for the Preparatory School.

The school has available a Child Protection Policy with an information booklet in this regard being made available to parents to provide further details.


The Preparatory Department’s approach to discipline is based on encouragement. We have a House System for Primary 3-7. The children earn points for their House by effort in regard to classwork, good manners, good behaviour, and improvement in a particular area.

Enrolment of a pupil at the school implies that any pupil and his/her parents or guardians accept totally the disciplinary requirements outlined in the Code of Discipline/School Regulations.


All children in the Preparatory Department are given homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The homework is written in the child’s Homework Diary. Parents are asked to check the homework and if there are any difficulties to let the class teacher know. [ These are also documented more clearly in the year group welcome booklets.]

Primary 1
Nightly Reading and learning words.
English, Maths or Topic worksheets.

Primary 2
Nightly Reading
English, Maths or Topic worksheets

Primary 3-7
Nightly Reading
Weekly Spelling Test
English, Maths or Topic written homework.

Homework is marked regularly and positive, constructive comments are written by the class teacher. Extra help is given if there are difficulties.

Educational Visits

Educational visits play an important part in the curriculum of the Preparatory Department. It is important for the children to have experiences outside the school as well as within. Parents are informed in advance of any visit outside the school grounds and written consent is asked for.

In recent years the pupils have visited the following locations.

  • Ulster History Park , Omagh

  • Baronscourt Environmental Day

  • Queens University Armagh for French and ICT

  • Balmoral Show

  • W5

  • Exploris, Portaferry

  • Oxford Island

  • The Share Centre Outdoor Pursuits Centre

  • Armagh Museum

  • Belfast Zoo

  • Market Place Theatre

Primary 7 children in the Preparatory Department go on a four-day educational visit to Paris with Saints and ScholarsPrimary School, Armagh. This is organised as part of our Education for Mutual Understanding. We also take part in Orienteering and other joint ventures with Saints and Scholars.

The Primary 7 class also visits The Share Village in Lisnaskea for a 3 day residential at the end of term.

Parents and School

For children to grow and achieve in school it is important that parents and teachers work together. In the Preparatory Department there are opportunities during the year for parents to meet with the class teacher and discuss issues concerning their child.

“Meet the Teacher” in September gives parents the opportunity to meet the new class teacher and discuss how well your child has settled.

Baseline Assessments during September and October Primary 1 parents will have two meetings with the class teacher to identify your child’s strengths and needs during their first year at school.

Parent Interviews during October and February is when parents are invited to attend a meeting with the class teacher to discuss the progress your child has made and in the case of Primary 3-7 to discuss exam results.

During the year parents are encouraged to contact the class teacher or Head of Department if they are concerned about any issue. Small difficulties are much easier to deal with before they grow into bigger problems.

Parent Teacher Association

The Preparatory Department have an active PTA. They raise funds for the department and also provide refreshments at our Harvest Festival, Christmas Play and Sports Day.

Some successful events held recently to raise funds  include a Harvest Raffle, Christmas Hamper raffle, Flower arrangements stall, Easter raffle and the Summer fair.

The PTA exists and new members are always welcome!

Other Information

The current annual fee for the Preparatory Department is shown separately. Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each term. There is no reduction for temporary absence.

Notice of leaving
Except in very abnormal circumstances, at least one term’s notice must be given for any pupil who leaves. This notice should be sent to the Headmaster in writing on or before the first day of the term in question. A further term’s fees are payable by those who leave without notice.

Music Tuition Fees
Individual music tuition may be provided on request during the school timetable. A charge may be made and details are available from the Head of the Music Department.

Further Information
This can be obtained from the school office. Interviews with the Headmaster or his Deputy, the Head of Preparatory or other staff are welcome but should be arranged in advance.