Paris Trip

The Prep children from Primary 6 and 7 enjoy an educational and fun filled visit alongside their friendship school Saints and Scholar’s School annually.

The children look forward to visiting the world famous attraction the Eiffel Tower on the first day, with a leisurely picnic on the lawns opposite the attraction.

On the second day the pupils visit Euro-Disney and experience the thrills of all the rides and the delight of seeing their head teacher screaming on most of them!

The third day continues the Euro-Disney experience after visiting the animation section, the Disney parade and stunt shows.

On the final day the children cruise on the River Seine and pass Notre Dame and the Louvre museum and gallery. After disembarking their cruise they travel to outside Paris and make their way to Sacre Coeur, where they have their portraits sketched by street artists, lunch by the chapel and shop in the bustling streets.

This is a visit not to be missed and the children are thrilled to experience the Parisian life at such a young age!